Friday, 2 October 2015

A prop for Ferdzy at SeasonalOntarioFood

A bit of a departure here, but an important one. One of my favourite all time blogs that I keep an eye on is SeasonalOntarioFood, brought to us by Ferdzy. Ferdzy has been maintaining a gardening, seasonal eating, and fantastic recipe blog for many years. I have been following Ferdzy's recipes (particularly, but not exclusively, those related to canning) ever since I became a home owner and gardener (not all that long ago really)... and on the DL as I figured I was a learner and not a sharer or a teacher. However, because gardening, harvesting, canning and sharing are an important part of who I am these days - I want to share Ferdzy's talents with all of you. And I will post some photos of recipes of Ferdzy's I have successfully transferred to my canning cupboard (which, by the way, NAILS most of my gift giving needs for a calendar year, although I beef it up with shortbread and truffles...ok and homemade liqueur... during the December festivities). Ferdzy, thank you for all you've done for me over the past few years, and I apologize for being a silent follower. During my first few years of following, I was certain I'd embarrass you, which is why I kept my efforts to imitate you to myself. PLEASE don't stop sharing about what you grow, create, harvest and concoct. You are one of my constant inspirations.

Pictured here are my efforts on Ferdzy's recipes for salsa (I love it because it uses lime juice instead of vinegar), as well as my attempts at dilled carrots and cukes, and finally some jams including Ferdzy's Slightly Lemony Blueberry jam and Vanilla Peach (both of which have been favourably reviewed by my family and friends).

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